XYZ LMS is the fast and simple way to train your teams, create courses, and engage learners.

Create courses, engage learners, and train teams with easy-to-use, next-generation LMS software.

Your learning suite spot

Master Any Learning Challenge with XYZ.
We Design Innovative, Customized E-Learning Solutions To Suit Your Unique Business Needs


Create engaging learning content in minutes.


Unlock the industry’s best E-Learning content.

Learn LMS

Deliver AI-powered learning to any audience.

Learning Impact

Measure the effectiveness of your learning programs.

Learning Analytics

Prove your learning programs power your business.


Inject learning directly into the flow of work.

Learning powers the future ready workforce

Scale with your growth

Provide your people with the relevant, personalized virtual or in-person training they need to grow with you.

Personalize to your needs

Provide flexible learning environments that promote interaction with carefully selected content according to interest, role, or modality.

Deliver real-time insights

Access dynamic reports and dashboards to analyze your current learning, skills, and compliance trends.

Drive outcomes through social learning experiences

Meaningful learning is more than just videos and quizzes. Learners thrive when they collaborate, give feedback, and work together.

Peer review

Make learning more engaging and memorable with peer review, while saving the instructor's time

Active discussions

Create async discussion activities to foster a sense of community & belonging among your learners.

instructor review

Give your learners feedback from managers, experts, and instructors.

Create content quickly and easily

Courses, manuals, performance support, and other training content can be quickly created by anybody on your team using our professionally designed themes, beautiful samples, useful templates, and huge content collection.

Engaging online learning experiences

Offer your team fun and engaging learning opportunities. Tovuti LMS website training is visually appealing, highly engaging, and participatory. In addition, it adjusts beautifully to any screen size.

Manage training with an all-in-one LMS system

Give your team the LMS tools they need by providing the information they seek at just the right time. Tovuti LMS simplifies training delivery, management, and analysis.

Enterprise-scale security and protection

Tovuti’s setup is simple. Never download, patch, or update software. Tovuti LMS technology offers end-to-end data encryption, SSO, high availability, redundant data storage, disaster recovery, and extensive privacy protections.