Gym Management Software

Make your gym’s operations more streamlined and boost your brand’s image with gym management software and management tools.

Gym management

Gymnesiam every aspect of your fitness business with our all-in-one gym management software solution:

– Create and manage custom membership plans
– Manage relationships
– Contracts and renewals
– Schedule classes
– Take payments

Our self-service check-in and in-app store integration will help you streamline processes and reinvest time in other areas of your business.

Let gym management software do the heavy lifting for you

Membership management

Manage the entire client life cycle of your company's physical fitness facility or gym, from member sign-up to membership renewal, payment processing, and budget management. Our fitness center management software allows you to group clientele into unique profiles and keeps track of member favorites, birthdays, training programs, and diets.

Class scheduling

The many functions of this schedule-making software ensure the availability of trainers and also help you track the number of participants in classes and the busiest times of the day, so you can manage your staff's schedules more efficiently. Opening new sessions, monitoring staff availability, rescheduling classes, and more can be done through the program's simple drag-and-drop functionality.

It's not just a gym software—it's a platform


Gymnesiam Creator's drag-and-drop builder and scripting allow you to quickly include more functions or modules without difficulty. Customize the fitness club management application to add additional features that match your business needs.

Go mobile

Any application made with Gymnesiam Creator can be accessed on any device or operating system, making it easy for you to schedule events at your business on either your desktop or mobile devices. Find out about your patrons, whether they're scheduling a booking from you or not, at any time simply by using the self-service dashboard.


Connect your Gym Management app with existing systems in your company, like your CRM, payroll, or any other third-party software, and get access to the information you need without any disruptions.

Health updates

This feature gives you the ability to provide your clients with regular fitness notifications. You can analyze their activities over a period of time and provide suitable training, or you can map out your members' progress to encourage them to focus on their fitness goals.

Payment processing

The app enables you to simplify and secure your entire billing process, get payments on time, and do so stress-free. Send automated reminders to ensure clients pay as fast as possible and be instantly notified if any customer misses a payment. The reporting function also helps you keep track of your business's finances and performance.