Integrated School Platform

School management software provides a comprehensive solution by integrating various modules on a single platform, enabling administrators to manage all aspects of their school’s operations more efficiently and enhance productivity.

School Admin: admin
Teacher: mehedi1
Student: student1
Guardian: guardian1
Password : 123456 (All passwords are the same)


Efficiently managing a school’s administrative tasks, academic processes, and communication channels can be challenging without the right tools. In this context, school management software offers a comprehensive solution, and this article highlights the key features that make it an essential tool for streamlining education operations.

Learning Management

Transform your teaching and learning infrastructure. Make education interactive and engaging with Teachmint’s innovative LMS features.

Student Information

Seamless student information retrieval and management All the information you need about your students in one place

Student Tracking

Flawless student tracking & report generation Keep track & maintain records of students anywhere, anytime, with the Student Tracking System.

Admission Management

Streamline admission management with Teachmint. Transform admission management through automation & digitization with Teachmint’s Admission Management Software.


Make the most of every assessment. Get real-time, detailed insights into student performance and make informed decisions using tests and homework.

Exam Planner

Plan and schedule your entire exam series from start to finish with Teachmint’s elaborate Exam Planner!

Result Management

We provide a dynamic result management system.

Fees Management

Institutes can manage their student management.

Notification Syetem

Within 10 seconds, parents received an SMS indicating their child's presence or absence.


Our school management system is designed to cater to the diverse needs of educational institutions, providing a range of modules to support efficient management of various administrative, academic, and communication tasks. In this article, we offer a glimpse into some of our most essential modules that power school management and streamline operations

Online Admission

Using our Software Student can Apply Or Submit admission Form

Student Dashboard

Students can access their accounts and view their class schedule, yearly calendar, homework, and academic results.

Parent Dashboard

Parents can login to your school software using the school website. Parents can see every piece of information, such as student results, billing, and attendance.

Calender & Class Routines

Using our software system, you can manage the school's yearly calendar & class schedule.


A hostel management system automates tasks, streamlines operations, and improves the living experience for residents.


The ability to set up an institute’s information, such as its logo, name, target line, and other essential details, is a crucial feature of school management software. This information can be displayed on all printable documents and reports, ensuring that the institute’s brand identity is consistent across all communication channels and documents. By customizing these details, school administrators can establish a professional and cohesive image for their institute.


messaging and file sharing system

Discuss and share ideas with other users through our messaging system. With this feature, you can chat in real time with every individual associated with your institution.


Free SMS services

Send unlimited free SMS alerts to mobile numbers with our 100% free SMS gateway application. Now there is no need to buy expensive branded SMS to send alerts on mobile phones.


Free online live classes

Stop using third-party apps like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Team to conduct online classes. Use our most powerful and easy-to-use platform to conduct your live online classes. It’s 100% free.


School management software offers a user-friendly platform to manage finances and staff salaries efficiently, by automating processes and reducing the risk of errors. It provides tools to track financial transactions, generate financial reports, and ensure timely payments, thus helping administrators streamline operations and manage finances more efficiently.